Manna Frost Trio | As For Martinton


Manna Frost Trio is the recording project of Stacy Harden who does folky Americana indie rock.

The album As For Martinton is his third release and it’s a pesky little bugger that creeps up on you, starting slowly and hinting at just more half-arsed Americana and but quickly knocking some sense into you with a series of tracks that are really indie rock with Americana influences rather than the other way around.

Family Reunion Pt 2 for example is foot stomping indie rock with hints of madly ignored Australian outfit The Veils.  If you’re looking for comparisons, much of the album is similar to The Decemberists and maybe A.A. Bondy.  There are even hints of the lovely Ray LaMontagne in there, which in fairness is an Americana reference point.

The only problem with this album is that it may well be ignored.  It’s excellent and tracks like My Face of the Earth, with it’s 60s influences, get into your head and refuse to leave.

Manna Frost Trio - Not *Really* Americana

Manna Frost Trio – Not *Really* Americana