Listen: Antonio/Paul | Coloured Screens

Antonio/Paul are two young lads from Western Australia. They do indie rock/pop at times not unlike Bastille and other times closer to 80s synth pop.  Whichever way they go per track they seem to be onto a winning formula.

Trash Party is a pumping indie pop song about loss and regret.  Coloured Screens is a more poppy, breezy affair that even includes some almost-rap.


If I could go back and talk to my teenage self,

I’d probably say.. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for turning you into such a bitter man, selfish, jealous and stressfull.

There was too much pressure, the price of living kept rising,

I was suffering a severe lack of self importance.

I’m not, depressed, just.. unacomplished.

I pushed you too hard, I, didnt know what else to do..

all i know is, it didnt pay off..

and I’m sorry.

This is sing-along summery indie pop with attitude and an accent.



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